Folded American Flag

How Should Multiple Flags be Folded When Taken Down? State Flag Folding

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This is for outside flags (attached to a halyard and flown from a pole), not indoor/outdoor flags that are only for color guard flagstaffs for carrying and indoor display. The American Flag The American flag must always be folded into a triangle (ref: Flag Code). If it is wet from rain or snow, it is taken down, folded, and brought …

Avoiding Flag Fold Problems

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Here are two ways to avoid potential problems Cutting the First Stripe The method of “cutting” the first stripe, used when a flag has been folded many, many times and is now stretched out to where it will not end up positioned properly for the tuck at the end, creates a very small initial triangle helping create more cloth for …

Flag Fold “Helps”

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In my theology degree studies, I use several books and online resources that are all called “helps” and they are extremely helpful. Well, we all need “helps” in all kinds of situations and folding the American flag is definitely one of them. Here is one of the videos I made explaining how to fold the flag using just two people. In …