Outside Flag Display Protocol

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For years people have verbally attacked each other over what they thought they know to be true, especially where flag display is concerned. Even if you know what the Flag Code says and you politely try to correct someone about their display (hotel, business, school, etc.) you will probably receive and angry reply. The above display is for every day …

The Final Defense of the American Flag

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When I was a cadet at New Mexico Military Institute, one of the inspection questions we were required to answer was: What is in the truck (or ball) at the top of the flag pole? First, the truck is the flat piece at the top of a flagpole (outside) or a flagstaff (used for color guards). This has to do …

The Flagpole with Two Halyards and the Intended Direction of Display

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DrillMaster explains his helpful term, Intended Direction of Display, when raising flags on a stationary flagpole with two halyards.