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As a trained visual adjudicator (see my About page) I have been continuing to train in pageantry arts judging and implementing it slowly but surely into the Military Drill World. I’ve been making audio critiques for many years for drill teams, color guards, and soloists ad now I’ve moved into video.

In January 2020, I began critiquing video from drill meets that individuals began sending to me. You can see that YouTube playlist here:

In February 2020 I was invited to judge at the Oklahoma State JROTC Drill Championship. I judged Unarmed Colors (“Unarmed” is a category, but a description of the color guard) and Unarmed Exhibition. What a great day it was! I asked each team commander or their instructor if they wanted a video critique. You can imagine the blank and questioning looks and I completely understood. After a couple of explanations, I received enthusiastic responses.

To each of the JROTC instructors at the competition: Thank you so much for taking a leap of faith and letting some guy in a solid blue uniform talk about their cadets’ performance. It turns out that many instructors and cadets learned quite a bit about color guard and unarmed exhibition. You can see those videos here:

There were several performances in both categories that I judged that do not have a video. That’s because I would have a cell phone handed to me from an instructor or I would stand next to a cadet who was recording the performance. Those who did not have someone recording the colors competition, I pulled out my phone. For the Unarmed Exhibition performances, I used my phone for each.

Innovation in Education – is Key!

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