“As I was!”

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“As I was”? Stop talking to yourself, talk to your platoon/flight. What does “as I was” mean? Nothing. The term is “As you were.” Here is some info for you from AFM 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies, which you can download here:

Use the command AS YOU WERE to revoke a preparatory command. After the command of execution has been given and the movement has begun, give other appropriate commands to bring the element to the desired position. If a command is improperly given, the individuals execute the movement to the best of their ability.

Here is another example from MCOP 5060.2:

The command, “AS YOU WERE,” cancels a movement or order started but not completed. At this command, troops should resume their former positions.

Got it? Good! Now, when you make a mistake calling a command, you need to let your unit know that they need to disregard the last word(s) out of your mouth and you can do that by simply stating, “As you were.”

As you were, Sir!
Oh, one more thing: don’t get me started on “As you were, Sir!” Keep your mouth zipped in formation. There is no such thing as “As you were, Sir”! Carry on.

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