The Only Time the Spread Eagle Ornament is Used!

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Military color teams always use the spade/Army Spear (gold- or silver-color) individually and in joint service situations. There are two exceptions:

1. The Navy and Coast Guard use the battle-ax

2. When the President of the United States is involved with the ceremony. In this instance, the spread eagle ornament is used for the American flag. Below is a picture of the 5-man joint service color team for President Obama’s second inauguration parade. To the Marching left of the American flag, with the gold-colored spike ornaments, are the President’s flag and to its left is the Vice President’s flag. All flags are 4’4″ x 5’5″, or as close to that as possible. The dark wood flagstaffs used are only for special Presidential occasions and are the standard 9’6″ in height.

Joint Service Colors with Spread Eagle Ornament

DoD photo

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