Honor Guard Epitome of Standard During CSAF Transition

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by Senior Airman Lindsey A. Porter
11th Wing Public Affairs

8/10/2012 – JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md.  — Don’t move. Don’t move a single muscle.

Hours of drill and ceremony, dress rehearsal and uniform preparation have all come down to this.

Don’t move. All eyes are on you.

Standing sharp, crisp and motionless, in full U.S. Air Force Honor Guard service dress, you know how important a day like today is. This isn’t your first dog-and-pony show.

Today is different though. Today, you’ll be standing at attention, front and center, before some of the Air Force’s most-senior leaders. For 90 minutes, all eyes will be on you during the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s transition ceremony at Joint Base Andrews.

This is what being a member of the 11th Wing and one of the world’s most-recognizable honor guard units is all about. Choosing to be a ceremonial guardsman in the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard means you’ve been training for a day like this since you joined. Read the rest here.


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