What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

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What could be wrong with the following pictures?

The flags (hung back-to-back) above are each facing the right way (canton in the upper left) as you view it from either direction. Is this necessary? No, not at all, but someone took the time and cared enough to make sure that everyone, whether flying in or flying out of Melbourne, FL Airport, would see the flag properly. How nice!

Another from Melbourne, FL Airport. This flag isn’t wrong, it just being viewed from a window, on the other side it is correct.

Nothing wrong here either. These flags are posted inside my church. The Christian flag (I wrote part of a chapter on this in The Honor Guard Manual) is on the right, the position of honor, as it should be. Note that this is inside the church, it could also be outside on church grounds or somewhere else for a church function. The point is the key word there which is “church.”

Notice both flags have the gold cord and tassels. If one flag has the cord, all flags must have the cord.

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