Color Team Spacing

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  • Military-type = Color Team
  • Marching band/winter guard = Color Guard

There are two different ways a color team can line up when the teams forms:

  1. Line formation, abreast
  2. Column formation, behind each other

When falling-in in line formation, the team should have a distance of four inches between the shoulders. This make room for all static movement. When the team steps off to march, the first step is slightly inward to bring the team’s shoulders to touching (see picture at right).

When the team halts, all members take their last step after the command, “Halt,” slightly outward from center to create the four-inch distance when the team is halted.

When falling-in in column formation, the team members should be able to rotate 90-degrees in place (see picture below) and have the four-inch distance between the shoulders as described above. Marching in this formation is only for short distances or when moving through doorways or some similar situation. A color team should travel in line formation at all times when possible.

Why March Shoulder-to-Shoulder?
Marching with shoulders touching is the only way for a color team to keep alignment when a flag has moved over the face of one of the team members. And believe me, flags will always move in front of either a color bearer or one of the rifle guards. If you can’t see, especially if the flag is completely blocking your vision, then there is no way you can maintain alignment or even march straight for any length of time.

Wheel Movements
Wheel movements are executed so that the team’s rotation point is in the center- NOT on either end.

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