The Bad JROTC Color Guard Routine

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JROTC does not have consistency or uniformity for the most part. While there are some adequate routines for competitions, none of them really employ all of the skills required for a colors presentation. Some of the routines out there do not make sense and others have commands that do not exist. Speaking of which.

Note- the school colors in the photo at the top have NOTHING to do with the sequence, it’s just a photo I used.

This is a photo sent to me of a colors routine for a local JROTC competition.

  1. The first command here, as we can see, is Order Arms. That command is only given from Carry or Present. It’s not a command that you begin with. You begin with Fall In, Attention, or Carry.
  2. Order Colors is not a command. It doesn’t exist for any service. Please read this for more.
  3. “flags at Parade Rest”. What does that mean? Why is this text here? The flagstaffs would be at Order only to facilitate Parade Rest.
  4. “Color Guard” as a preparatory command tells us that someone associated with the AF created this sequence.
  5. Now, the sequence begins properly.
  6. “Flags at the Carry”. Again, why is this here?
  7. Order Arms means to bring the equipment to Order and nothing else. You need to read this to understand why the Army (only) has a bit of an issue with this, but it’s easily solved.
  8. OK.
  9. Half Left/Right About is the most idiotic command created by the AF a few years ago. It never should have seen the light of day. The move is an Army Wheel and Marine Corps Turn, a 90-degree gate turn.

23. Eyes Right is NOT for the head judge. The whole sequence is specifically to have the color guard go through a series of movements to see how well the team performs. Only the reports in and out are for or to the head judge. This is because when we report to anyone a hand salute or Present Arms is required regardless of the rank of the one to whom you report. This salute for both reports is returned.

Judges, DO NOT return a salute for Eyes Right since the team is only performing it for you to asses just like the rest of the sequence. Again, this salute is NOT for the judge. The judge’s position is used as a marker for the Eyes Right process, 6 paces before and after the individual(s) to be saluted.

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