A History of Drill and Training Rifles (Links)

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Here are the links to the 26 parts of this very detailed paper written by Malcolm MacPherson. I split his paper into 26 articles in 2012. The information is very interesting and you can see that we still use some versions. Mr. MacPherson’s paper goes over US, British, and Japanese training rifles.

Part 1, Non-Firing Drill and Training Rifles

Part 2, Early Drill Rifles

Part 3, The Frances Bannerman History

Part 4, The Boys Brigade (Dummy Rifles)

Part 5, The United States Training Rifle Company

Part 6, The Parris-Dunn Training Rifle

Part 7, The Parris-Dunn Variant

Part 8, Parris-Dunn Civilian Training Rifles

Part 9, Parris Manufacturing Company Toy Drill Rifles

Part 10, Rubber Bayonets and Kadets of America

Part 11, Daisy Sport Trainer

Part 12, The Parris Mfg. Co. “HAUBERT, H.”, US Navy, and Detroit Composition Co. Training Rifles

Part 13, The Indiana Quartered Oak Military Drill Rifle

Part 14, IN-VU Wood Rifles

Part 15, Carson Long Military Institute

Part 16, The Requarth Gun

Part 17, Unidentified Drill Rifles

Part 18, Steyr M. 95 Drill Rifle

Part 19, Bayonet Fencing Rifles and the M14 Training Rifle

Part 20, Swift Training Rifles

Part 21, The Long Branch Training Rifle

Part 22, British Training Rifles

Part 23, The US Portable Building Corporation

Part 24, Japanese Training Rifles

Part 25, Current Production

Part 26, Current Production, Cont.

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