A History of Drill and Training Rifles Part 21

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The Long Branch Training Rifle was produced at the Long Branch Arsenal near Toronto, Canada in 1943 and 1944. There is no evidence that these training rifles were used anywhere other than in Canada. They were used for preliminary rifle training of all forces requiring ground defense training. There was only one model but they were marked either 1943 or 1944 depending on the year that they were produced. A total of about 4000 training rifles were produced during that period. They continued in use until about 1950.

They worked on the same principle as the Swift Training Rifle but had a much simplified mechanism. They were also patterned after the SMLE service rifle and actually used a SMLE bolt body. Although there were those who questioned the value of such a training rifle, the Long Branch had distinct advantages over the Swift. The simplified mechanism was equally effective and it was much cheaper to produce. In most aspects it was a closer replica of the SMLE service rifle.

From the paper, Non-Firing Drill and Training Rifles, by By Malcolm MacPherson

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