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A Message From The President of Missouri Military Academy

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DrillMaster note: I just had to share this. I feel compelled to share it. Missouri Military Academy (MMA) is a school enforcing and expecting standards. That’s exactly what every other school, military-oriented or not, should be doing. My thanks to BGEN Geraci, the staff, and instructors at MMA.

Dear MMA alumni and friends,

As the 135th MMA Corps of Cadets completes the first days of training for the year and begins academic classes on Monday, I want to share a message that will soon be sent out in our Eagle magazine. I want to remind you, our alumni and friends, of the strength of our conviction and belief in the education we provide for our cadets. As always, thank you for your support of the Academy and our young men. Together, we make a difference in their lives!

The value of a military school education today is undeniable.

That value is the driving force behind everything we do for our cadets and their families. It’s why we promote and protect the MMA legacy.

The proof is in our results.

We are a military academy and stay true to our traditions, core curriculum and core values that define us as such. We challenge young men like they have never been challenged before. We ask them to do more, not less, in a world where too many take the easy way out.

We understand our military educational model — based on structure, self-discipline, personal responsibility and accountability — is not for everyone, but we also see the incredible benefits for those who embrace the process and find the strength and character within themselves that they before didn’t know existed. As educators, administrators and coaches, this is a mission we wholeheartedly believe in.

We teach personal responsibility to our cadets in today’s world where differing opinions often leave young people adrift and lost in relativism. We teach them that right and wrong do exist and the impact that their decisions have on others.

We teach them how to solve problems, handle challenges and deal with adversity. We teach them how to fully employ their personal strengths and talents as part of a team with respect for others. Just as important, we teach them how to follow a healthy lifestyle and to avoid high-risk behavior.

The Academy’s standards and structured daily routine requires cadets to manage their time efficiently, demonstrate self-discipline, establish goals for themselves and expect to be held accountable. Through leadership roles, rigorous physical training and high academic expectations, cadets learn to take command of their lives, recognizing that their decisions and actions have consequences.

The value of a military educational model is not confined to the walls of the Academy — it extends into the lives of our graduates, empowering them to lead and persevere with integrity. We teach our cadets to set and work toward goals, with MMA graduation among the most important. It sets a course for them to compete and succeed in life.

In a world where leaders of character are needed more than ever, the unique blend of military traditions, high expectations and academic rigor at Missouri Military Academy creates an environment where young men flourish. We will remain steadfast, true to our course and fulfill our mission for our cadets and their families.


Richard V. Geraci
Brigadier General, USA (Ret)

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