USAF Drill Team Tetrad

Complete Exhibition Drill Team Tetrad Routine

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I have many free downloadable resources on the Downloads page and here is another!

Click the link above to go to the Downloads page, scroll down to DrillMaster Downloads and at the bottom you will see the link for the routine. The PDF package outlines a complete tetrad (4- or 5-man) exhibition routine with the rifle work included in the form of YouTube links on each page. Granted, the rifle work is quite basic, but I wrote this for a sheriff’s office in Colorado who lost a member of their team and wanted to represent him at Police Week in Washington DC. It wasn’t designed to win first place at a world-class event, it was designed to help some grieving law enforcement officers represent a fallen brother. That being said, it’s a great beginning.

Anyone can use this routine either as their own complete routine or as a primer to stimulate their creativity. It’s given to you free of charge, you may perform all, some or none of it!

Here is another example of a team’s drill (not what you will see in the PDF mentioned above):

Initial Performance
The Step Back
Team Presentation and Exit

Updated 2 July 2022

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