Astronaut High School Drill Meet 2013 Performance Critiques

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MIHS Astronaut Meet 2013My critiques for each of the female performances (squad and platoon, RD and XD) at the first annual Astronaut High School Drill Meet. Click the titles for each school and the audio file should begin to download for you.

Congratulations to all of the schools that participated! And a big thank you to all of the judges: local Army recruiters, Florida Institute of Technology cadets and Merchant Marine/Navy Reserve Ensign Nick Sottile!

Picture of Merritt Island cadets after the competition, courtesy of one of the parents.

1. Astronaut1 Female Armed Squad

2. MIHS Kemm Female Armed Squad

3. Astronaut Southwick Female Armed Squad

4. Cocoa Female Unarmed Squad

5. Astronaut Johnson Female Unarmed Squad

6. MIHS Wick Female Unarmed Squad

7. Astronaut Gafford Female Unarmed Squad

8. MIHS McGill Female Armed Exhibition Squad

9. Astronaut Cox Female Armed Platoon

10. MIHS McCarthy Female Armed Platoon

11. MIHS Esperon Female Unarmed Platoon

12. Astronaut Hicks Female Unarmed Platoon

Unfortunately, my digital voice recorder ran out of space for the last two performances- my apologies, that’s never happened to me before- learning experience.

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