Downloadable Honor Guard Commands in MP3 Format

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Honor Guard Commands

These commands are available in MP3 format for down load to give you an idea of how to call commands and to give trainees a way to practice on their own time by listening on a CD or something similar. The commands are given at approximately 75-80 beats per minute (BPM), a ceremonial cadence. I recorded my voice with the help of former USAF DJ Lynn Gray. I have also added some new commands to the list since working with Lynn back in 2010.

Armed-Specific Commands

Colors Presentation/Posting Sequences

Firing Party Sequence

In order to know how to execute some of these moves, you’ll have to pick up my fifth book, The Honor Guard Manual.

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  1. Tahoma National Cemetery internment service commands.

    When the Hearse or Next of Kin Vehicle enters Shelter:

    “Atten-Shun – Hand salute”

    “Navy Post” to have the Flag Detail Sailors March in the Urn & Flag or Flag draped Casket

    Pipe the Side (Bosun Pipe)

    “Navy Post” to Have the Flag Detail Sailors
    Display the Flag

    “Firing Party Fire Three Volley’s”
    Sailors Fold & Present Flag

    Service concludes
    “Navy Post”
    Sailors March out Urn or Casket

    No command – Pipe the Side (Bosun Pipe)

    Please let me know if these commands are correct. Thank you

    1. Post

      Hello sir.

      Thank you for the comment. My changes are below:

      Commands should be nice and loud.

      “Bearers, Ah-ten-SHUN; Hand SALUTE!.” If you have a formation that is armed (color guard or firing party), the command for the salute should be “Present ARMS!”

      Coach stops. “Ready, TWO!” [Order, ARMS!]

      “Post!” Pallbearers move to retrieve urn and folded flag or flag-draped casket from vehicle [a Flag Detail is a number of servicemembers who hoist and lower a flag on a mast]. Piping the Side with the boatswain’s Pipe as the Sailors carry the urn and flag or casket over to and place them/it onto the table/bier. Once everything is in place, two bearers move to the ends of the casket (or move out of sight of the family if an urn) and the others move to take up the rifles for firing party.

      Graveside service takes place. When finished, the funeral director should step in and gently announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for military honors.” Bearers come to Attention.

      Since the firing party is at a distance you can give the command “Firing Party Fire Three Volley’s!” or they can get the signal to fire when the bearers come to Attention. firing party comes to Attention, faces, fires three blank rounds, and then comes to Present Arms. When the firing party commander gives Present, the bearers render the hand salute. Now Taps is sounded. When Taps is finished, the FP commander gives “Order, ARMS!” and everyone drops their salute.

      The two bearers step in, unfold and refold the flag (if urn sequence) or raise the flag off the casket and fold it, the folder departs, and the flag is presented to the NOK. Once the flag is saluted by the presenter, presenter departs. Once presenter departs, FP departs.

      Service concludes.

      Sailors March out Urn or Casket [I don’t understand this]

      Piping the Side.

      I hope this is helpful.


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