Muscle Memory

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When executing drill and ceremonies training do you know that you are training your muscles to feel “right” when they reach a certain point?

At right is a color bearer’s movements from Attention to Port Arms. Muscle memory helps me get my left forearm to the exact position in which it needs to be each time I assume this position: parallel with the ground, 4 inches away from my torso with my upper arm extending straight from my shoulder.

What’s the best way to achieve muscle memory? When training others, have them assume the position and stay there. I’m not talking about holding a position for an hour, just 20-30 seconds should do it, maybe 3 or 4 times and then, over time, when this is continually practiced, the muscles will “remember” and assume the same position. Reinforcement of the training is a must, one cannot train for a couple minutes and be done with it- training must be a constant in your program.

When you are practicing, use a mirror to help you achieve the exact position you need.

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