The Difference Between Drill Team and Honor Guard

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Question: (from Taiwan) I’m a Taiwan Driller, I have read some of the articles on the website “DrillMaster”.
But I’m still confused that “What are the difference between honor guard and rifle drill team”?

I have a preliminary understanding that honor guard is more like the nation guard with some performance; on the other hand, rifle drill team is a team study in rifle drill art. I can’t make sure that my considerations are correct or not, if it is convenient, hope you can give some help.

Answer: An honor guard is a unit of people who perform in ceremonies. The honor guard can be made up of different units: color team (what some call a “color guard”), drill team, firing party, pall bearers, and anything else the honor guard wants.

I like how you write that a drill studies the art of drill- with or without a rifle. Very true!

Having only a drill team or rifle drill team does not mean the team is an honor guard, but the drill team can perform other functions that would lead one to consider the team an honor guard.

I hope that helped to answer your question! Please let me know if I can be of further help.

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