The Makeup of a Color Team

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Color Team =  Military
Color Guard = Marching Band/Winter Guard

How many members are supposed to be on a color team?

Four, minimum. Why? Because each color team represents a military service and the service’s flag is always carried with it to the marching left of of the American flag. Below, is the Marine Color Team at 8th and I, the HQ for the Marine Corps’ Presidential Honor Guard. A four-man team is the standard.


What about this picture below?

This picture is of former President Ronald Reagan’s funeral. Since the President and others who serve in high offices in American government are not part of a military service, they receive a three-man color team.

Can there be more than four members?

Yes, see the top picture? That is the US Joint Service Color Team representing all of the American military’s five services (in joint service order): Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

I do not recommend having more than eight members since movement can get a bit tricky. If you have more members of your color team, adding (in order of appearance) police, fire, and EMS, for example, I suggest you have two teams.

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