The Six-Man Flag Fold Part 2

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Note: “man” does not mean “male”

The standard six-man flag fold is accomplished with either 6 or 8 honor guard members

The positions are, from top left:

HandOff, CrossMark, (Dead CrossMark*), Fold

Carry, Mark, (Dead Mark*), Commander of the Pall Bearers

*There is no pun intended as these positions do the same thing as their center counterparts for a flag fold.

An idea that has entered mainstream when honor guard units are, due to time, forced to use only two members trained in flag folding to actually fold the flag while the other 4 or 6 members support the fag during the folding process. This is a great last-minute idea, but I’d rather have a whole team trained in flag folding. Being knowledgeable and creative and yet rendering honors properly should be a staple of all honor guard units.

For complete information on the six-man flag fold, please see The Honor Guard Manual in hardback or spiral bound.


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