America’s Got Talent and New Guard America

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Before New Guard America was officially dissolved (it has now been resurrected, but all of the members are not returning), it took part in a great adventure competing for a spot on, and hopefully winning: the America’s Got Talent TV program. Winning was not to be. However, with NGA making it to the small screen, millions of people will now be introduced to, not only armed, but bladed exhibition drill. This is a huge plus for the military drill world.

Even with Howard Stern, one of the AGT judges, calling NGA, “Glorified baton twirlers,” the team members did an outstanding job- even if there were some problems. Watch this ground-breaking performance this Monday, 28 May, 2012. If you miss it, I’m sure the dedicated fans of exhibition drill will record it and upload it to video channels everywhere!


See the show here. NGA is on for 4 seconds from 30:08 to 30:13.



Update: Monday’s show did not have NGA. Teusday’s AGT show will apparently have more from the Tampa, FL auditions.

Update 2: I give up. At one point NGA was told by one of the AGT staff that the team’s performance would not “translate well” to the American audience and so they were cut. I don’t know what that means, but it seems that exhibition drill is not yet ready to be given a wider audience. We will al keep plugging along and progressing drill to work toward the day when XD will “translate well.”

Update 3: Finally. Jun 12th saw New Guard America on America’s Got Talent. For three seconds. Literally. It’s better than nothing, but I know Drillers want more. That will come in time and not by someone who is going to throw something together tomorrow. Patience, Grasshopper.

For this photo, Summer Ryan, former Madame Commander of the NGA, said that AGT judge Sharon Osbourne, said that Summer was “Voguing.” :-)

Update 4: Well, this coming Monday, 25 Jun 12, is going to be the episode to watch according to Constantine Wilson, head of New Guard America.

Finally! After weeks of waiting, here it is! Here is the NBC Web site Video!

NGA Official site videos

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  1. I saw a brief clip of the team on the episode. It is to bad that the judges dont see the talent or the skill that it requires to execute as proficiently as New Guard America. The discipline I have learned through the education of Military Rifle movements has made me the person I am today and many like me. Continue the mission and know that the expertise you provide aids the growth and development of many who follow.

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  2. I was hoping to see it as well! It would be wonderful to see it expand into every avenue of entertainment and competitions as well! Surely the day will come!!!

  3. The only reason I tuned into AGT this week was to catch the few minutes of NGA, which would have been awesome to see. I was disappointed each segment to not see NGA’s exhibition. AGT itself is a worthless show. If they shared more interesting and genuine talent such as NGA, perhaps more of us would stay tuned. America missed out.

  4. that is a lie most of the american audiance loves to watch people spin because it is so interseting how we manipulat the rifles!

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