How to Switch Sides During a Column Movement

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The Reverse or XD Column

This will be for XD (Exhibition Drill) and is fairly easy. We need to number each of the elements/squads as usual: the far left squad is number 1 and the far right squad is number 3 (or 4).

The movement is called as two consecutive right steps are taken. On the first left, the first squad leader executes a right flank and everyone in first squad does the same thing on consecutive left steps in the same spot as the squad leader. Second squad leader takes two steps and executes a right flank (one left step after the first squad leader). Each squad follows suit in the same manner.

The most important aspect of this maneuver is that each member of the team MUST keep marching forward at a regular step until they have completely cleared the other squads. A good number to begin with would be to have the first squad leader and subsequent members take five steps forward after the flank and then begin half-stepping. Then the second squad leader and members would take three steps after the flank; the third squad leader would take one step. See if those numbers work. If not, it’s not a big deal to add or subtract- but remember to go up or down by twos to ensure everyone is executing the same movements at the same time.

The number of half steps will be different for everyone on the team. It would be a good idea to begin the regular step after the movement for the whole team at the same time. Count it and work it out for the bet effect.

I hope this helps!


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