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The DrillMaster & Sam Gozo @ NYDC09

I was introduced to a speech by Eric Thomas, “The Hip-Hop Preacher” (more motivational speaker than preacher) yesterday. I appreciate where he has come from, the struggles he has overcome and most of the message that he preaches. Much of what he says is inspiring and one of my friends made a great motivational video and placed it on his Youtube channel. I didn’t appreciate the portion of the speech that is in the video since it was only one of three points Eric discusses in the full speech. Taken into context, I appreciate it much more: he’s powerful, positive and full of enthusiasm. But there is something missing, for me at least.

In my daily reading of Wise Proverbs on my smart phone this morning, I came across Psalm 16:3, Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts will be established.” Once again, Scripture matches up with and fills up what is lacking. That’s what is lacking, again for me, but I do appreciate a good motivational speaker who can speak from experience and not talk down to others.

So, commit your works to God, work hard, educate yourself, and by all means, practice, practice, practice!

See you at the next competition.

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