The Six-Man Flag Fold

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I’ll begin with this statement: Just because the word, “man” is in the title does not necessarily mean, “male”.

There is a right way and a wrong way to fold the American flag and there re a couple of different ways in between. to learn how to do it the right way, pick up my latest book, The Honor Guard Manual.

Until you get the book, here are some tips:

1. When beginning, the flag should lay flat so that the canton (blue field with stars) would be over the left shoulder of the deceased; if the flag were tilted toward the audience, it would be the right way up, with the canton in the upper left corner as it is viewed.

2. After making the first horizontal fold, the canton should be on the underside of the flag- the canton goes back to the same place where it started. After the second horizontal fold, the canton is brought back to the same place again.

3. The first triangle fold is open end to open end. If one looks on from the end of the flag, the fold is to the viewer’s right. This is the ONLY way to make this fold! See this article’s picture, above.

4. Ensure that the tuck of the folded flag does not create lumps.

Obviously, there is more to a flag fold than the above four points. Again, the Two- and Six-Man Flag Folds are completely details in my book. Also, look for training videos to come on my Youtube Channel, DrillMasterTraining.

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