Nowhere else can you get the education and training offered through The DrillMaster.


  1. The DrillMaster iDrill RifleTM M1 and M1903 Patterns
  2. The DrillMaster iDrill RifleTM Jr Pattern
  3. The DrillMaster iAxe Pattern (coming soon!)
  4. The DrillMaster Brochure
  5. The DrillMaster Drill Meet BINGO sheet! Take it with you and see if you can get a BINGO at your next competition.
  6. The DrillMaster App for Android and iPhone
  7. LEEP: Law Enforcement Education Program Handout

Then, the following routine is a primer to create a routine for those wanting to compete in Washington DC or create a routine for a special event. The drill is complete and each page has links to YouTube videos with sample rifle movements. See Routine Mapping Tools below for a Police Week version.

Information for Military-Style Drum Majors

Fallen First Responder Remembrance Ceremony

Many thanks to Joel Daoust for his insightful feedback in the creation of this ceremony.

  1. Fallen First Responder Ceremony Official Script
  2. Fallen First Responder Shorter Hat Table Ceremony Script
  3. Colors Diagram to help you better visualize the first descriptive paragraph of the script
  4. First Responder Memorial Cross Ceremony Stand Diagram
  5. Large Hat Table Setup Diagram
  6. Small Table Setup Diagram

Fallen Warrior Stand/Battle Cross

  1. Stand Diagram

POW/MIA (Fallen Comrade) Ceremony

  1. Ceremony Script with Cues
  2. 5-Hat Table Setup Diagram
  3. Small Table Setup Diagram
  4. Example Outside Ceremony Diagram
  1. The Honor Guard Training Record (you may download this any time, but I do hope you purchase The Honor Guard Manual at some point, thanks!)
  2. DrillMaster Color Team Performance Critique
  3. DrillMaster Firing Party Performance Critique
  4. The DrillMaster Honor Guard Training Staff Assistance Visit Checklist
  5. Sample Honors Request Worksheet
  6. NAVPERS 15555D, Burial at Sea
  7. Authorized Provider Partnership Program (AP3) Sample PowerPoint Presentation
  8. AP3 PDF document
  9. DrillMaster’s Score-at-Home sheet for the Joint Service Drill Team Exhibition in Washington DC

These are samples for you to use however you need.

  1. Equipment Custodian Duties
  2. Flight/Platoon Sergeant Duties
  3. General Guidelines
  4. NCOIC/LPO/Commander Duties
  5. OIC Duties
  6. Scheduler Duties
  7. Trainer Duties
  8. Simple Training and Qualification Checklist (Something I created during my time on the Kadena Air Base Honor Guard)

Honor Guard Commands on MP3

These commands are available in MP3 format for down load to give you an idea of how to call commands and to give trainees a way to practice on their own time by listening on a CD or something similar. The commands are given at approximately 75-80 beats per minute (BPM), a ceremonial cadence. I recorded my voice with the help of former USAF DJ Lynn Gray. I have also added some new commands to the list since working with Lynn back in 2010.

Armed-Specific Commands

Colors Presentation/Posting Sequences

Firing Party Sequence

In order to know how to execute some of these moves, you’ll have to pick up my fifth book, The Honor Guard Manual.

JROTC Class Drill Routine Evaluation Score Sheets (from this article)

DrillMaster Drill Team Competition Documents

*These are on PDF format. If you would like to host your own drill competition, send me an email (on the front page) and let me know and that way you can have the Word documents to use.

US Military Service Drill and Ceremonies Manuals

Must Know Flag-Specific Information

Protocol Information*

Miscellaneous Information

  1. TM 9-1275, Maintenance of the M1 (1947) Part 1
  2. TM 9-1275, Maintenance of the M1 (1947) Part 2
  3. TM 9-1275, Maintenance of the M1 (1947) Part 3
  4. TM 9-1275, Maintenance of the M1 (1947) Part 4

*I’ve done as much research as I can and am always open for additional information. If you find a more updated manual or another manual you think would be good to add to this library, please let me know. Many eyes are better than just my two and I appreciate good feedback.

Historical Drill and Ceremonies Documents

  1. FM 22-5, Drill and Ceremonies, 1939
  2. FM 22-5, Drill and Ceremonies, 1943
  3. FM2-5, Cavalry Drill, 1944

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      Thank you, Mr. Lollar.

      Thank you very much for the kind words. I post articles every M-W-F at 0800, EST. I also write special articles ever couple of weeks. I’m going to work out a subscription system eventually so that people can be informed of new articles/information.

      Thank you for your service to our country; God bless America!

      “The DrillMaster”

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  6. Hello, I host a 10 month internship every year and I would like to begin teaching and instructing drill with my students to instill, discipline, camaraderie, etc… Being that we are not a military organization such as a JROTC unit, is there any possibility of me entering these students in any type of RD or XD competitions?

    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Thank you very much for the note!

      Yes, actually, there are a small hand full of competitions around the country. John Jay High School (TX) just announced their first annual independent competition, Melbourne High School (FL) will soon announce theirs and each summer there is a competition in Florida called FLDC (Florida Drill Competition) and NYDC (New York Drill Competition).

      Here at The DrillMaster, I am working to generate and promote more competitions for indie Drillers like your students. I’ll send you an email so we can talk more.


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  9. does the u s military have written protocall for proper display and presentation regarding the display and contents for the POW setting and if so can you forward it to m e. there seems to be to many chiefs and not enough indians to get it right, we don’t want to dishonor none.

    1. Post
  10. I am a former Marine and a member of the American Legion Post 81 in Melbourne Florida. I am interested in finding a manual on Color Guard commands and drill execution. I have recently taken the lead on establishing the Color Guard for our Post, after the original members no longer where able to do it. We want to do it right and need references. We are all from different branches and need to get on the same sheet of music. Do you have any guidance that we could us for the new color gaurd that is going to come in to place? Thank you for your time

    Best Regards
    Roy Lombard, SGT,
    USMC Veteran.

    1. Post

      SGT Lambert,

      First, thank you for your service to our country. I appreciate it.

      Now on to the good news: I live in Melbourne! Right now I am in Kentucky training cadets for the summer, but will return in August.

      The Honor Guard manual is the book to fit your needs exactly, you can find it here: Work using the manual and when I return I can help work with your team.

      John K. Marshall
      The DrillMaster

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  18. Yours is the ONLY website I have found that has a diagram for creating the stand for the Fallen Warrior Display (Boots/Rifle/Helmet). Thank you!!!

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