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Do Honor Guards Have the Same Rules?

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Are all honor guards bound by the same rules? Does a military honor guard have the same as rules as law enforcement and firefighter honor guard or are they all totally different?

Honor guard units do have the same rules. They are made up of different ceremonial elements.

Color Guard Ceremonial Element

The Flag Code is the civilian/civil initial standard (that came from and expanded on Army and Navy flag information from the WWI era) but there’s no other information that is specific for a color guard except from the Army or Marine Corps manuals. That’s where the rest of the standards come from.

So, yes, civilian/civil and military have the same standards.

Firing Party Ceremonial Element

The military created this element, dating back to the Revolutionary War, that was adopted by law enforcement and LEOs take all standards from the military.

So, yes, civilian/civil and military have the same standards.

Pallbearers Ceremonial Element

There aren’t any published standards other than what the military developed over the last 100 years. All Americans may have a flag draped over their casket. Who folds it is the issue. There are restrictions and guidelines for carrying a flag-draped casket and all come from historic, military protocol.

So, yes, civilian/civil and military have the same standards.

Bell Ceremony and Last Call

The firefighter bell ceremony and last call are first responder-specific that certain elements of the military even adopted.

So, yes, civilian and military have similar standards here.

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