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I’m using this as a link page.

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  1. Good Afternoon Sir,
    I am a Sea Cadet CO with no military experience. I am raising funds for my unit, NCBC Battalion in Rhode Island, to purchase new color guard flags. I want to make sure they are correct in regulations, as the flags our unit currently has are not.

    I am hoping you could give me some advice. Am I correct that, the Ensign should have no fringe, no tassels and the finial should be a Battle Axe as we are supposed to follow Navy regs? Is there a standard pole size or color? Is there a standard Ensign size for such pole?
    Lastly, we generally carry the Rhode Island state flag as our secondary flag. Should it also have no fringe? Am I correct that the RI flag should have the Spear finial? Should it be silver or gold?
    Thank you very much in advance for your advice and support. My unit is trying desperately to do the right thing and honor our Colors properly.
    Brandi Bansemer

    1. Post

      Ms Bansemer,

      The national ensign should not have fringe, correct. Your USNSCC should have fringe.

      Navy color guards ONLY carry 9’6″ staffs with 4’4″x5’6″ flags. That can be quite large for some cadets. USNSCC does not provide guidance yet, but I suggest 3’x4′ flags on 8′ staffs.

      According to MCO 5060.20, you can only carry the US and Org flags. State flags are not authorized to be carried in the color guard formation.

      Flagstaffs should be light ash guidon staffs with gold-colored ferrules, middle screw joint, and the battle-axe finial.

      I’m so glad that you are checking on the proper equipment! If you need anything else, let me know.


      1. Sir,
        I am very grateful for your guidance. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

        Very Respectfully,
        Brandi Bansemer

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