Sunglasses in Uniform

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When you have to carry an urn for a funeral but you have to look cool at the same time.

The usual, every-day wear is authorized in the US military, just not in formation, unless prescribed by a doctor.

No sunglasses for pallbearers or, for that matter, color guard, firing party, and even the bugler – sunglasses cut off your communication from those you are supposed to be serving.

There is a very good reason behind this. It’s not personal preference, it looks bad, putting up a wall of sorts between you and everyone else, the exact opposite of why you are there.

What about the Sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? They have special sunglasses made for them for safety. That style of sunglasses isn’t even available to the public.

Whether you are on a US military or first responder honor guard, in this article are reasons why you would wear sunglasses – prescription or you are a Sentinel. And then there are reasons why you should not wear sunglasses – not authorized in formation and they cut you off from the next of kin. That’s enough to have you and your team not wear shades for any ceremony.

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