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Instagram is a great place to learn. I use to post my Micro Training Moments as I call them. Searching on Instagram or even the internet using these tags will open up all kinds of great information Below is a list of DrillMaster-specific tags and below those, some generic tags.

Instagram es un gran lugar para aprender. Suelo publicar mis Micro Momentos de Entrenamiento, como yo los llamo. La búsqueda en Instagram o incluso en Internet usando estas etiquetas abrirá todo tipo de información excelente. A continuación se muestra una lista de etiquetas específicas de DrillMaster y debajo de ellas, algunas etiquetas genéricas.

DrillMaster Tags

#DrillMasterEspanol es la etiqueta que uso en el sitio web. @thedrillmasterenespanol es el nombre de mi cuenta de Instagram.

  • #DrillMasterMetronome – Information that helps you understand the importance of training and practicing with e metronome (app on your phone) and how to accomplish it.
  • #MakePathfindersGreatAgain – Specifically for Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinders.
  • Drill
    • #DrillAndCeremoniesIsOurFoundation – Speaks for itself.
    • #MovementPhasing – Information on synchronous movement.
    • #MarchingWithSuspendedArmSwing – A technique that can be tough to master.
    • #FootPrepFacingMovement – A helpful tool created by the DrillMaster when teaching facing movements.
    • #BodyPrepFacingMovement – A helpful tool created by the DrillMaster when teaching facing movements that includes a look at the whole body.
    • #MakeRegulationDrillGreatAgain
    • #MakeCommandsGreatAgain – Specifics related to calling commands.
    • #MakeMarchingGreatAgain – Specifics related to marching techniques.
  • #DrillMasterArticle #DrillMasterPodCast #DrillCenter
  • #DrillMaster_BeAccountable – A DrillMaster education program.
  • Outside Flagpole Display
    • #MakeFlagDisplayGreatAgain – This is regarding outside flagpole displays.
    • #MakeReveilleAndRetreatGreatAgain – Flag raising and lowering have standards. Really.
    • #MourningRibbon
  • #ColorGuard
    • #ColorsTurnOn and #ColorsTurnOff – color guard movement techniques.
    • #AmericanFlagHigher – A myth. Yes, a myth. It is not always supposed to be higher.
    • #FlagstaffFinials – The flagstaff toppers or ornaments.
    • #FishPoling – When the lower ferrule of the flagstaff pushes forward.
    • #ExhibitionColorGuard – No, it’s not a “thing”. This tag has pictures and video of colors presentations that use unauthorized moves and positions.
    • #HarnessSocketCrotchSyndrome – For some reason many color bearers feel it necessary to adjust their colors harness so that the socket/cup rests on or even below the crotch when it is supposed to be around a couple of inches below the waist.
    • #MilitaryColorGuard – Separating military teams from marching band color guards.
    • #PresentingTheColors #MakeColorGuardGreatAgain #MakeFlagProtocolGreatAgain #PostingTheColors #ColorGuardEquipment #ColorsEquipmentMaintenance #FlagstaffNomenclature
    • #AuthorizedCAPFlag – There are only two authorized Civil Air Patrol Flags.
    • #OfficersDoNotManColorGuards – This is for the Coast Guard Auxilliary and and Department of Health. It’s a prompt for them to stop creating color guards because of the wording of the tag and because they never get it right.
    • #InternationalColorGuardProtocols
    • #NoFixedBayonetsOnColors – Guards do not fix bayonets. I won’t budge VMI or Citadel.
    • #MakeJointServiceColorsGreatAgain – Everything about joint service color guards.
    • #PersonalColorBearers – Personal and positional color bearer information.
  • Weapons
    • #MakeRifleManualGreatAgain
    • #StackingSwivel – Educating everyone about the difference in the upper sling swivel and the stacking swivel of the M1 and M1903 rifles and where the sling really goes.
    • #MakeTheManualOfArmsGreatAgain – Specific to rifles.
    • #MakeCeremonialAxeManualGreatAgain – For firefighters on color guard.
    • #MakeSwordManualGreatAgain – This covers all of saber and sword techniques, including the sword Arch/Arch of Steel for an honor cordon.
  • #honorcordon – Cadets call this an honor guard, saber/sword team, and probably other names. It’s where two lines of people face each other while dignitaries walk through. This can be with rifles, swords, sabers, or unarmed.
  • #MakeUniformWearGreatAgain – Specifics on uniforms.
  • #MakeYoungMarinesGreatAgain
  • Flag Related
    • #MakeFoldedFlagCarryGreatAgain – There are certain techniques used to carry a folded American flag. Applies here and also to honor guard pallbearers.
    • #MakeFlagFoldingGreatAgain
    • #KnowYourFlagCode
  • #HonorGuard
    • #MakeItMoreCeremonialer #Ceremonialer – This came about because standards don’t seem to be enough for some, there must be a bigger, better, faster way to present the colors or another ceremonial element.
    • #MakeHonorGuardGreatAgain #MakeBaseHonorGuardGreatAgain #MakeCeremonialDrillGreatAgain
    • #CasketProtocol
    • #JointServiceColors #JointServiceColorGuard
  • #EverythingIsWrongStartOver – Exactly what it says.
  • #ThEyREjusTchILdreN – this tag is about untrained cadets who have presented the colors without understanding standards. Someone associated with the image then cries out that standards don’t matter because they are only children!
  • #MakePOWFlagProtocolGreatAgain #MakeThePOWTableGreatAgain
  • #MakeFlakingGreatAgain – A tongue-in-cheek look at WHY people fall out when in formation.
  • #TheDrillMaster
  • #DrillMasterInQatar – A few posts from when I taught American exhibition drill in Qatar.
  • #TheDrillMasterExplains
  • #InstructorMisconduct – It happens on a relatively consistent basis.

Generic Military Drill-Related Tags

  • #ceremonialguard
  • #RegulationDrill
  • #usarmy #usmc #usnavy #usaf #uscg
  • #CAP #CivilAirPatrol #SeaCadets #YoungMarines
  • #ExhibitionDrill #DrillTeam
  • #ColorTeam #ColorGuard
  • #pow #powmiaceremony #powmiatable #missingmantable

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  1. Hello Sir currently retired from Army and did some Pershing Rifles drill meets at University of Toledo currently taking over at an JROTC program they are pretty good but think they can become better, trying to see what things are out there I can help them learn and become better thanks for your time.

    1. Post

      Mr. Fields,

      Thank you for the message! Welcome to retirement and the highly competitive JROTC drill world, brother!

      As you can see from the website, there is quite a bit of information here, many free downloads on the Resources page, and my books are linked to in the store.

      My best initial advice is to read, read, read and get spun up on the intracacies of TC 3-21.5 and AR 840-10. Then, ensure your unit has the proper equipment, get the senior members of each team to read the manuals, and have them get the squad leaders and whole colors team to read as well.

      For exhibition drill, there’s a bunch to learn, again: reading is your best friend.

      Shoot me an email, drillmaster001@gmail.com, and we can work details over time, if you’d like.


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