“Military Flavor”

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‘Our drill team does a Stomp routine for our program this year.’

‘Our drill team does cheer-like movements and we sing/chant throughout our routine.’

What is “Military Flavor”

This is a term that we cannot define so that it is crystal clear. We can define it, but it is more of a subjective term.

  • Military flavor is a “uniform.” Why is “uniform” on quotes? Because it is up to the discretion of the Driller. Going to wear your Sunday-go-to-meetin’s? [Loud buzzer sound] Thank you for playing. Not gonna work. What is a uniform? It is distinctive clothing. Something simple but not bland. Something that is complete, head to toe. HINT! —-> Do not forget about the head.
  • Military flavor is an “attitude.” We can call this “military bearing,” which is the appearance, attitude, and conduct of a military member. Strong military bearing earns respect. Now you get the idea.
  • Military flavor is “style.” Body movement can be a huge factor here (see the first video, above). When you add a piece of equipment (rifle, sword/saber or guidon), military flavor can still be in question due to body movement*.

*One can borrow different styles from different activities, but those styles should not comprise the majority of the routine if they are not based in military drill.

So, there you have it: guidance for military flavor.

One thing that a judge can get mired in is subjective judging and “military flavor” is a term that is subjective. The least subjective the adjudication system, the better.

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