Angel Solis Spinning with The DrillMaster Bayonet

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When I first had the idea for the bayonet in early 2012, I created five prototypes with Angel receiving one.I went through a couple of different titles: The Drillmaster Training Bayonet and The DrillMaster Driller’s bayonet. It’s safer since it does not have a tip or sharp edge and I was thinking that Drillers would want to use it when first attempting bladed drill (since it helps create some confidence that you won’t be slicing body off parts) and then in training. However, it has since been used in competition. So, it’s up to you  how you want to use it and when- as always. I guess I’ll just call it The DrillMaster Bayonet.

Angel now has a DrillMaster Driller’s Bayonet, the one that is available here or wherever you can catch me in person at competitions and training events.

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