What Competition is all About

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Your AdversaryCompetition has been about doing one’s best with what one has. Many have perverted that into creating enemies and bad-blood rivalries. Having a friendly cross-town rival is just fine, if you can congratulate the other fr a job well done when they walk away with the trophy.
In today’s America, we see athletic coaches fired for not winning “enough.” We also see team fans get into fist fights after a game. This is insane. Winning teams are all about money: getting contracts, luring students to this or that school. Money. Fights after games are an outgrowth of the competition that is seen as a battle on the field or court and the fans as warriors defending what doesn’t need defending- it’s just a team name which is nothing more than thin air.
Compete with yourself. Better yourself.
It’s Not About the Trophy
Or, it shouldn’t be. Winning is about getting up early and working out. It’s about practicing when you don’t feel like it. It’s about trying that new move one more time and finally yelling out, “Finally!” when you nail it.
The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps of Concord, California have several world class, top notch performance ensembles that will amaze you with each performance. One of those ensembles will also warm your heart and bring a tear of propound joy come to your eye. This, ladies and gentlemen, is winning.
Do you hear the crowd during the performance? Do you see the standing ovation at the end? The Special Needs Color Guard was the ONLY group at the competition to receive one. And THAT is what competition is all about: doing the best you can to your abilities and then cheering on and encouraging everyone else who is competing with you.
What about the Picture at Right?
Doesn’t this convey a different message? No, not at all. Once you stop concentrating on what other Drillers or other teams are doing and focus solely on your performance and making it the best it can be, then you can begin to realize that trophies and medals maybe nice, but you’re beyond that, you’ve already won.
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