Muddled Visual Communication

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This is the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team at a performance at Keesler AFB (MS). They always put on an excellent show. I’m posting this picture as a training aid. This is not how an aerial toss is supposed to look. There is only one type of toss being executed, if I remember correctly, it is a side double aerial. All of the rifles should be along the same plane and same height in the air, but do you see how most of them are in different positions? Do you know why? Inconsistent technique. Many of the team members are initiating (the set up to the release) and/or releasing (hand position on the rifle and the muscles used) the rifle in a different manner. ALso, look at the hands and arms of the team members- all quite different positions for the catch. Inconsistent technique creates muddled visual communication.

USAF DT at Keesler 2013nly on

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