The Blues and Royals Silent Drill Team

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Malaysian Police Silent Drill Team FlagThe IIUM SUKSIS SILENT DRILL TEAM is a 24-man rifle platoon of the Royal Malaysian Police Voluntary Police Corp. Referred to as The Blues & Royals Team, the team performs unique silent precision exhibition marching drill. The purpose of the platoon to exemplify the discipline and professionalism of the Royal Malaysian Police. The routine concludes a unique rifle inspection involving elaborate rifle spins and tosses. All drill movements are done with superfluous spin of the rifle, making the Silent Drill Platoon’s drill unique from other uniformed units’ movements. Exhibition drill is a modified routine that involves complex marching sequences that usually deviate from standard drill.

IIUM SUKSIS SILENT DRILL Platoon is also the first team in IPTA to be established in Malaysia. This establishment is to lift the image of the Royal Malaysia Police and the image of the university. The drill was performed solely by students using the standard Lee Enfield No. 1 Mark 5 rifle.

The team was proud of the IIUM SUKSIS organization where it is the first team established to perform drills and take the art of marching and drilling to the next level. This team was established on 10th of April 2010 and has been endorsed by the IIUM co-curiculum senate members and has support from the IIUM SUKSIS commandant and deputy rector of IIUM.

This team officially celebrates its establishment annually at 15th October. The ceremony is called “The Blues & Royals Night” and is attended by the high ranking officers of the Royal Malaysia Police and IIUM officials. Click here for more information about the team.

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