The DrillMaster’s Creed

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Originally written by a Soldier friend of mine, it is an adaptation of the Army’s Soldier’s Creed.

The DrillMaster’s Creed

 I am a DrillMaster.

I am an expert in all forms of drill: Regulation and Exhibition.

I am or was a senior member of a team and one of the best therein.

I am a leader and a teacher.

I use the fundamentals and teachings not only in drill but in my everyday life.

I compete with myself; I teach those I mentor to exceed my expectations.

I never quit and never grow impatient with those I teach.

I always compete, command and perform above 100%.

Whether I win or lose, I have the heart of a winner and push to move on and grow.

I treat other Drillers with the respect and dignity with which I wish to be treated.

I am always learning and never stop growing.

I am a DrillMaster.

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