Regulation Drill: What I would like to see

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Ultimately, I’d love to see Open Regulation Drill and Open Color Guard, both from the World Drill Association, incorporated in any drill meet that would want to take on this awesome and exciting replacement to the standard RD and CG phases.

For now, though I’d like to see more moves that are listed in the drill and ceremonies manuals actually used in competition. It gives the cadets more to work on and broadens their movement vocabulary.

The Unarmed Regulation Drill Sequence

  1. Fall In (grading and timing begin)
  2. Forward
  3. Change Step
  4. Halt
  5. Present Arms
  6. Report-in
  7. Order Arms
  8. Open Ranks (go through the motions of checking alignment, only)
  9. Ready Front (cover)
  10. Close Ranks
  11. Parade Rest
  12. About Face
  13. Left Face
  14. Close (Close Interval)
  15. Extend (Extend Interval)
  16. Column of Files From The Right, Column Right
  17. Halt
  18. Right Face
  19. Left Flank
  20. Halt
  21. Right Step
  22. Halt
  23. Column of Fours (threes)
  24. To The Rear
  25. To The Rear
  26. Double Time
  27. Column Right
  28. Quick Time
  29. Close
  30. Extend
  31. Halt
  32. Left Step
  33. Halt
  34. To The Rear
  35. Mark Time
  36. Forward
  37. To The Rear
  38. Eyes Right
  39. Column Half Right
  40. Column Half Left
  41. Column Right
  42. Right Flank
  43. Left Flank
  44. Column Left
  45. Column Right
  46. Column Right
  47. Halt
  48. Present Arms
  49. Report Out
  50. Order Arms
  51. Right Face
  52. Half Step
  53. Forward
  54. Halt (out of bounds)
  55. Left Face
  56. Fall Out (grading and timing end)

Next, here is what I’d like to see in the Colors phase. Why? Because it gives the cadets useful movements that colors teams in the military actually perform! I’m not saying that the current sequence(s) are completely useless (close), they do need immediate updating.

For Color Team Regulation Drill

  1. Fall In (about 15 feet from the Head Judge facing the drill pad, in column formation, grading and timing begin)
  2. Port Arms
  3. Forward
  4. Guide around to the left (a “soft Column Left”) to end up centered on the judge, team picks up Mark Time
  5. Colors Turn-On
  6. Present Arms
  7. Order Arms
  8. Stand at Ease (Army- Parade Rest)
  9. Attention
  10. (Uncase Colors Sequence*)
  11. Right Shoulder
  12. Right Wheel
  13. Forward
  14. Right Wheel
  15. Eyes Right
  16. Halt
  17. Port Arms
  18. Move into single-file column with Right Rifle Guard leading
  19. Ripple to Right Shoulder
  20. Reform into Line Formation
  21. Left Wheel
  22. Forward
  23. About Wheel
  24. Forward
  25. Halt
  26. Colors Turn-Off
  27. March to centered on Head Judge
  28. Colors Turn-On
  29. Present Arms
  30. Report-Out
  31. Order Arms
  32. (Case Colors Sequence*)
  33. Step (for departure)
  34. Colors Fall Out March (out of bounds, grading and timing end)

*Uncasing and casing the colors is not performed in the military all that much anymore, if at all. Usually, the installation honor guard takes care of the colors and these two sequences are not used for honor guards. The uncasing and casing of the colors is accomplished out of site of the public. I’d like to see it removed from the competition sequence so that the cadets can concentrate on movements they can actually use.

Top Photo: USCG HG. Bottom Photo: USAF, Hanscom AFBHG (at the installation level, officers can be a member of a Color Team)

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