Programing, Programing, Programing

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Routine Programing (also called Routine Construction) is a big issue. How your team moves around the floor ad what it does as it moves is a must to consider.

What is programing? Courtesy of The Free Dictionary

a. A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation.
b. The presentation itself

Here is an example, the report-in. I don’t know how may times I’ve seen the following: the team commander (“C”) is within the flight/platoon (which is just fine) and at the point of the routine where the commander will report-in to the judge (“J”), he/she executes a purely regulation move as if called to front-and-center. At no time during an Exhibition Drill (XD) routine is it OK to execute a purely Regulation Drill (RD) move. Really, you need to use your imagination! XD is not “fancified regulation,” or as Bill Owen, of Competitive Outcomes, put it, “Regxibition.” The image below, is an illustration of what I’m talking about.

What could have been done in this situation? This:

This position could have the team member who is in front of the commander execute a kneeling Queen Anne Salute at the appropriate time for the report-in.

This is just one example of a myriad of scenarios that could be. Like I mentioned earlier, use your imagination. If you need help, my books are always available to you.


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