Ask DrillMaster- Team Training Difficulties

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Question: What is a good way to run a team practice? I feel alot of the difficulties we’re having as a team is my fault for not running practices as efficiently, so would you have any advice please sir? Once again I cannot thank you enough for all the help.

Answer: What are the difficulties? Below I can only give you general ideas. If you can be specific, I can then address those issues.In the beginning, it is essential to make sure everyone is on the page; all team members need to know what they are doing from the start. So, everyone needs to master the what is called Standing Manual (unarmed drill) and then the Manual of Arms. Once those two are completely mastered then the Drillers are ready to move on to marching while executing the 15-Count Manual of Arms. Once this is mastered then you can start adding exhibition-type movements beginning with basics moving on to moderate moves and then, if the team is able, working on advanced movements.

At every practice, you need to make sure everyone is involved in the learning and/or teaching process. When you see that you have one or two team members who are as knowledgeable as you (or have more knowledge), use them to teach others having troubles and maybe even use them to develop parts of the XD routine if they’d like.

Treat all members with respect, even if they do not treat you that way. When you feel as though a team member is not being respectful, you can handle this away from the rest of the team unless someone is being truly intolerable, then you need to stop the inappropriate behavior immediately without being disrespectful (can be quite difficult).

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