The Color Guard and Multiple National & State Colors

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Multiple National Colors So, what is a team to do when you have more than one national color? Here is some information to consider: When overseas Air Force Base Honor Guard teams carry both colors when called to present them on base and in the local community. The photo here is of the Spangdahlem Air Base team when we (I’m …

The Guidon’s Two Different Salutes

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While each service (Army, MC/Navy/CG and AF) has a slightly different way of having the guidon render a salute while in formation, there is another salute rendered by a guidon that each service requires when outside of a formation when the guidon bearer is on his/her own. The only authorized giudon bearer salute  when in formation for each service ends …

Why “Equipment”

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Why do I use the term “equipment” and not just say “rifle”? Good question; here’s the answer. When I was writing my second book, The World Drill Association Adjudication Manual and Rule Book, I quickly found that I had a slight dilemma. When I came to write the section for the judge who judges armed routines, I realized that I …

Weapon and Tool Nomenclatures

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Nomenclatures The M1 Garand The M14 The M1903A3 The Enfield Rifle The Fire Axe The Pike Pole This information if from The Honor Guard Manual and is (c) John K. Marshall