The World Drill Association

When I first got involved with teaching and judging JROTC units I was still Active Duty and only able to devote so much time. After I retired in 2005, I was able to get deeper into teaching and judging while creating my own vision of what could be possible. I began speaking with others through the internet about it only to be shot down and even socially crushed since I was not one of the clique members.

My thoughts turned to creating an association with a handful of others that wasn’t necessarily “mine” but could be run by members of the Military Drill World. That was a less than desirable beginning in 2009 and since then I’ve worked to create a big part of the WDA, the WDA Adjudication System.

My Judge Training

Why me? Because no one else has done it. We are put in certain pathways and circumstances because we can either learn from it or benefit the end result. I have judging certifications in a General Effect Visual and have taken ongoing judge training for years (read more here).

I wrote and published the World Drill Association Adjudication Manual and Rule Book (based on the Winter Guard International manual but put through the military drill and ceremonies filter).

I’ve designed a complete system for judging military drill: ceremonial, exhibition, and regulation. The scoresheets (that link is a sample), tote sheets, tabulation sheets are all ready to be used by anyone without alteration.

I’ve created a judge training system that requires a few hours to review. You MAKE time to do it.


This is supposed to be a group of JROTC instructors along with representation from Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, Young Marines, SDA Pathfinders, etc. Anyone who is involved in competitive marching.

Those who want to judge could also be members although that’s not mandatory as I see it.


That’s the goal. That’s the top goal. The other goals are to run a solid series of drill meets at the local level that extend into the county, state, regional, and national level for every service/organization. A complete system based on written standards.