Avoiding Flag Fold Problems

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Here are two ways to avoid potential problems Cutting the First Stripe The method of “cutting” the first stripe, used when a flag has been folded many, many times and is now stretched out to where it will not end up positioned properly for the tuck at the end, creates a very small initial triangle helping create more cloth for …

Distance and Alignment Training

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This is the best way that I know how to train a team to consistently maintain alignment and distance. When the platoon/flight falls in, they should always “dress and cover” without command. This is standard and if you are not doing this and relying on the commander to give commands, you are not falling in properly- this goes for every …

Flag Fold “Helps”

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In my theology degree studies, I use several books and online resources that are all called “helps” and they are extremely helpful. Well, we all need “helps” in all kinds of situations and folding the American flag is definitely one of them. Here is one of the videos I made explaining how to fold the flag using just two people. In …

The “Savard Manual” or “Savards”

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A short time ago, Leslie Savard Hamud sent a question to me through my facebook page, The Honor Guard Manual. To me, the question a little cryptic and out of left field- but I really enjoy left field questions! Here is how the conversation went: Leslie: Hello, I am the daughter of Al Savard and my dad is a proud …

Don’t Break Vertical

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When executing facing movements while armed with a rifle, do not break vertical. But, what does that mean? In Regulation Drill, drill that is based on the drill and ceremonies manual for each military service, without any added movements whatsoever, Drillers must execute the movements exactly as described. The preparatory commands for facing movements are Right, Left and About. Do not …

“Military Neck”

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Military schools across the nation are notorious for telling their new cadets to pull back/tuck their chin. It’s difficult to tuck your chin, pull in your stomach while it’s up against the edge of the table, and look straight ahead while eating your three squares a day. Eating at the position of Attention. Three Squares (a meal): take a scoop …

An Embarrassing Color Guard Performance

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I created this article for two reasons: Help deflect questions that usually arise and come my way. The questions go something like this: “Can we do this/[is this proper] for our color guard?” Communicate to everyone, even Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, law enforcement, and firefighters that what you do is usually caught on camera and/or video and affects others in …

The Youth Trumpet and Taps Corps

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From The Taps Bugler, Jari Villanueva On Tuesday, September 15th, the White House will honor eleven young women as “Champions of Change” who are empowering their communities. In addition to honoring these young people for their courage and contributions, the goal of the event is to inspire girls and young women to recognize their potential for leadership– as educators, advocates, …

Cadet Honor Guard Academy Training

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In the second week of training after hours of standing manual, the manual of arms for colors and firing party, and the manual of the flagstaff and with just a couple of hours work, the cadets in the first-ever Joint Service Cadet Honor Guard Academy, have learned: Firing Party Posting the Colors Pallbearers We did so much during the two …

Fire Team, Firing Party and Firing Squad. What’s the Difference?

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A Fire Team is a squad of soldiers in battle. courtesy simhq.com A Firing Party is a ceremonial salute detail made up of 3 to 7 members with a commander. Courtesy army.mil The Firing Squad is a small group of individuals who line up to execute someone sentenced to death. courtesy sonofthesout.net