Color Guard- Diamond Formation 5

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This formation begins with the “diamond” formation. The right/lead rifle guard is in front and the left/trail guard at the rear. The space between the guards is enough to fit the color bearers in between in line formation at Close Interval. The color bearers are abreast at close interval.

When the lead guard is on his mark, he picks up Mark Time and the rest of the team follows suit while keeping spacing. If there is no mark for the lead guard, the commander (US color bearer) gives Mark Time March. On the next commend, Colors! The guards rotate in place to the left for four steps and the bearers execute a Wheel movement to turn to the left in four steps. The rotation point for the wheel is the middle color bearer (if odd number) or a the space at the center (if even number). The team presents the colors from here.

This formation can be used in parades or to present the colors at a ceremony. It’s unusual, so be prepared for possible backlash.

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