Colors- The Leather Tab Issue

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I posted this on my Instagram account and realized that this really need to go to as wide and audience as possible.

Click here to read the article, How to Properly Mount a Flag on a Flagstaff. Yes, there is a correct and incorrect way to mount a color!

If you still have colors with leather tabs, secure them by a small screw and then tape. Eventually, the tab will disintegrate and you can have a seamstress sew in the new standard, which is the hook-and-pile fastener.

Most, if not all, colors now come with both parts of the hook-and-pile fastener (Velcro, or another brand) already attached at the top and bottom of the color, inside the pole hem. You still need to drill a small hole and put a small screw into the staff so that the adhesive doesn’t allow the flag to slide down the staff- learned that the hard way…

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