Help The Mission High School Army JROTC Program Stay Alive

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Mission Texas JROTC

Mission Texas Army JROTC

You are probably aware that Many American high schools have a military leadership program called Junior Reserve Officer Training or JROTC a similar program is Kentucky National Guard’s Jr. Guard. What you may not be aware of is the threat of some of the programs closing. While Kentucky’s Jr. Guard program looks to be good for the coming 13/14 school year, there are JROTC programs that are not faring so well and one of those programs is in Mission, Texas.

Mission High School is home to the Eagle Battalion and doesn’t seem to have had any problem keeping the required 10% of the student population to keep the program going. No, the problem lies in the fact that the school board cannot find instructors. While each service does not have enough instructors to go around (nothing that is critical to my knowledge), there is a steady stream of retirees who go through the training and are then sent out to schools. It’s up to the school to keep them, though.

Here is a quote from Stacy Hernandez, a JROTC parent: “Mission is not competitive in its pay. I [asked] the superintendent, [what would you do] if you had a choice to work in McAllen in a brand new facility and get $20,000 more a year, or come to Mission and work in a portable building, where you don’t even have a restroom remotely close to the building?” Click here to read more and see the TV news story.

I will be in McAllen, TX in December for 2 weeks of training honor guard members and will be stopping by Mission High School to check on the progress.

Please help this program remain at the school by signing the petition and help the school board recognize the problem so that they can fix it before it is too late.

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