When a National Tragedy Strikes

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That is when I receive many visits to my site seeking half-staff, half-mast and black mourning ribbon information which is exactly why I have written all about this in other articles which will most likely show up below in the related posts area or, you can click one of the tags at the bottom right regarding this subject. Half-staff/mast is a sign of mourning.

Here is a question I just received:

If flags are supposed to be flown at half staff and you cannot do that is it disre spect ful  to have a flag out?

Not at all. But please bear this in mind:

  • A flag that is mounted is never put at half-staff. A mounted flag is one that is on a flagstaff that a color team/guard carries or one that is attached to a short pole that is placed in a bracket that is attached to a pillar, post or door frame.
  • A mounted flag is the only flag that has a black mourning ribbon attached to the top of the flagstaff, just above the flag.
  • A flag that is flown from a flag pole that is raised and lowered by a rope/halyard is the only flag that is lowered to half-staff (land) or half-mast (sea).

So, it is quite probably that it is not impossible to lower your flag. You just have a mounted flag.

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