Ask the DrillMaster: Instructors for Military Exhibition Drill?

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There is a small handful of mostly self-taught exhibition drill (XD) coaches in the military drill world. Almost all of them work exclusively with a school drill team and that’s it. Some however, have ventured out to try to bring what they learned to a wider audience and you can find channels on YouTube. Exhibition drill training to a wider audience is a very new thing with most of the training being under 5 years old as of 2012.

This past year I developed a system to develop trained and certified instructors, Certified DrillMaster, and judges, Certified World Drill Association Adjudicator.The training is based on the books I have written as well as military manuals and videos. For more on what the programs entail click here. The Certified DrillMaster training and certification program gives the coach/instructor an educational foundation of all aspects of regulation drill and how to write and teach exhibition drill.

There is a huge difference between doing and teaching. Many Drillers are superb at executing a routine, but when it comes to teaching another how to do it, they are either lost, or they do not know how to communicate the intricacies of body and equipment movement. Starting with my exhibition drill books and working through them is the best way to educate yourself whether you want to teach or not. As I always say, “Education is key!”

Do you want to teach XD? More power to you! Why no educate yourself and take that education further with your own skill and ingenuity? Become a Certified DrillMaster.

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