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August 1st can’t get here soon enough!

For those of you not in-the-know, Glendale Industries,, will release it’s sister DrillAmerica Rifle to the original M1 Garand Replica. Yes, ladies and germs, the military drill world welcomes the new DrillAmerica M1903 replica! [cue applause]

It comes in two flavors: black or chrome metal.

DrillMaster will be testing it shortly to provide a review, but in the meantime, feast thine eyes:

Hold the phone– it comes with a bayonet lug! [a perfect place to have your DrillMaster Bayonet securely seated]

Image courtesy of Glendale Ind.

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    1. I ordered this drill for my son as a Christmas present. We have exchanged it 3 times. The barrel keeps cracking in half. I applaud the customer service, but I am not impressed with the quality.

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        Hello Drill Mom,

        First, I want to thank you for supporting your son’s passion of drill. He is blessed to have you as his mother. Now, on to the reason for your post:

        Glendale Parade Store created their replica of the M1903A3 rifle, the DrillAmerica M1903, in late 2012 and put much hard work and research into it. There have been a few unforeseen issues that they have been dealing with, though. The first issue has been the original mold for the stock. Amazingly, for me anyway, the mold was made at a cooler time of the year so when it came out of the manufacturing process it actually imperceptibly shrank so that the metal pieces did not fit as originally planned and causing what you have experienced. The latest edition, “Model C”, has fixed this issue. Next was a materials issue, which the Model C and further testing on a part is fixing.

        The rifle manufacturing process has been a big learning curve for all involved and rest assured that Glendale Parade Store want to offer the best quality for the best price. It’s just taking some time to work out bugs in the system.

        Thank you also for praising their customer service- which they are renown for.

        And, lastly, thank you for your and your son’s patience and your comment here.

        John K. Marshall
        “The DrillMaster”

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  3. I want to know how much it is. I am on my Drill team in High school and I am looking for one to practice at home and after drill. I really need a price and will appreciate it very much so if you will help me.

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      Hello Jasmine,

      When you click the link (in blue and underlined) in the article, it will take you to the Glendale Parade Store website page with the info you require.

      Thanks for the question,

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