What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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This installment comes from some veteran and active duty honor guard or color team units, unfortunately.

What’s wrong with each? Let’s look:

The American Flag is on the wrong side. The position of honor is on the marching right. Always.

All flags should be at the same height and the American flag at the far right, next to the right/lead rifle bearer.

Again, the flags are on the reverse order.

Wrong side.

This is a base honor guard presenting the colors for the Preakness horse race in 2011.

What’s wrong with this? The USAF flag should be last; all service flags are last after the American and state flags.

Air force base honor guard members with Army Soldiers.

Two things are wrong here:

1. the colors are out of order, and 2. NEVER assume Parade Rest and thrust any flag forward.
That position is for the guidon only. Colors are always kept vertical.

Two things are wrong here as well: 1. Colors are out of order, and 2. look at the left/trail rifle bearer- his hands are backwards on his rifle.
I understand the team wanting to create a mirror image, but the Reverse Present is not a move that is in any manual, ever taught or ever performed outside of the exhibition drill arena.

The American flag is never carried in the center of a military-type (this includes LEOs, firefighters, ems, etc.) color team.
The American flag is ALWAYS on the marching right/viewer’s left.

For those very few who may not understand why I am posting these pictures, it is because, sooner or later, everyone makes mistakes and if others can learn from those mistakes, great! It’s about educating as many as possible.

Do you have a picture that you would like critiqued? Send it to The DrillMaster.

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