What’s Wrong with this Picture

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Another installment of everyone’s favorite post!

This makes me cringe since I spent 17 years with the AF’s Base Honor Guard program. Let’s go from the viewer’s left-to-right.

  • Lead/Right Rifle Guard: Fine, good job.
  • NCT*: Close your mouth, stop fish-poling, tuck your gloves.
  • Color Bearer: Turn your right wrist to match he NCT’s, your left arm should be a fist’s distance (4″) from your torso- straight across no bend at the wrist like you are doing, upper left arm should come straight down and close your fingers.
  • Color Bearer: Filthy gloves! Stop holding the flagstaff with your left (see above) and turn your left hand more.
  • Trail/Left Rifle Guard: close your fingers on right hand, bad spacing.

*A USAF acronym for Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Color Team.

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