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For The Art

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Everyday that we wear these colors, know that we are the Revolution. We are disciples of discipline, knights of devotion and slaves to our passion. It is the touch of cold steel and the clash of the rifle that is our heartbeat. We bleed and sweat not for the glory. We do it…

For the Art.

Clothing specifically for the unarmed Driller

Synchronous, asynchronous- it’s movement. Unarmed Drillers don’t have the “luxury” of using a piece of equipment in a performance, they have their body and what they wear. That’s it.

Clothing For Drillers

By Drillers

For the Art of… Drill. Military drill: armed, unarmed, regulation, exhibition, color guard and even honor guard drill.

Are you a driller? Do you sport the gear?

Custom Designs by For The Art

The Driller's Consotium custom T by For The Art

Want to give your traveling uniforms a new look? Need a logo for an upcoming competition your unit is hosting? Want to represent your drill team pride with a custom shirt? Regardless of your needs, For the Art can develop a logo, symbol or design that captures the identity of your drill team.

All we need is your information, creative direction, good feedback and we’ll have the perfect logo or design for shirts, websites, uniforms or anything else you wish to put a logo on.

Pictured here is the limited-edition, custom T-shirt designed for the Driller’s Consortium by For The Art.

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