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How should multiple flags be folded when taken down?

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How should multiple flags be folded when taken down?

The American flag must always be folded into a triangle. (Never fold a fringed American flag into a triangle!)

What about other flags that fly with the American flag?

All other flags are twice folded in half length-wise and then folded in half width-wise three or four times depending on their length. You should end up with a rectangle.

May a state, POW/MIA, tribal or other flag be folded in a triangle?

No. The triangle fold is reserved only for the American flag. It is inappropriate to straight-fold any other flag into a triangle.

However, if you live in Minnesota (click here or the image to go to the article):

Folding the MN State FlagAnd click here for the South Carolina state flag.

Flags on the same Pole
Depending on the number of flags being taken down, all of the flags (same pole) are taken down and gathered into different individual’s arms and then folded at the same time- or at least the American flag is folded first if not enough personnel are available at the same time.

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  1. having an arguement about where this information came from… I have heard of the Daughters of the American Revolution and also U.S Code… If you could find the daughters of the american revolution that would help my case.

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